The Jaguar V12 Marine Engine Is Almost Complete!

 December 28, 2014
Posted by Erik

We’ve found a little time in the shop recently to work on this project, and we’re pleased to report that the marine engine is almost complete. Now that the velocity stacks and air cleaner holders are done, and with the alternator and most accessories mounted, this thing is really close to being ready to go in the boat! If you haven’t been keeping track of the project, you can see some more photos: Jaguar V12-powered Boat


  1. David Waller

    From a life long Jaguar and Riva enthusiast : Great job . How about a pair of V12 ‘s in a Riva Aquarama reproduction ?!

  2. |

    It reminds me of those older RIVA boats with the Lamborghini V12’s.

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